Money Packet MP101 - 220

Money packet (Sampul Duit Raya) with top opening.

Material: Gloss Art Paper 130gsm

Size: 154mm x 79.5mm

Packing: 5 pcs per pack

Quantity Total Price
1250 RM280
2500 RM480
5000 RM680
10000 RM980
15000 RM1290
20000 RM1650
25000 RM2000
30000 RM2250
40000 RM2900
50000 RM3550
100000 RM6100
150000 RM8100
Product Code: MP101-220
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2500 or more RM0.19
5000 or more RM0.14
10000 or more RM0.10
15000 or more RM0.09
20000 or more RM0.08
25000 or more RM0.08
30000 or more RM0.08
40000 or more RM0.07
50000 or more RM0.07
100000 or more RM0.06
150000 or more RM0.05

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RM680.00 RM0.14
RM980.00 RM0.10
RM1,290.00 RM0.09
RM1,650.00 RM0.08
RM2,000.00 RM0.08
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